Animal Crossing: New Horizons Patches Out Item Duping Glitch

A new update is now out for Animal Crossing: New Horizons which appears to have patched out an item duplication bug that was allowing players to make a ton of money in a short amount of time. This bug involved handling an item in a certain way with another player so that it cloned whatever players were trying to copy which meant they could sell off their expensive excess quickly. Patch notes for the update haven't been released yet in all regions, but dataminers and those tracking the new Animal Crossing updates have suggested the bug has now been fixed.

Nintendo's support site for New Horizons hasn't yet been updated with the patch notes for the latest update, but players found an update waiting for them regardless when they started up the game in the past few hours. Many players were expecting a bugfix to be released soon to patch out the exploit, and after downloading the update, some have said that the exploit in question has now been removed.

The bug required another player to help with the duplication of items. Once players put down an item, they could rotate it a few times before having the other player pick it up. the result was a duplicated item, and if you were dong it with something that'd go for a high price, you'd end up making a lot of Bells in a short time.

This duplication bug wasn't something used by everyone, but those who prefer people play New Horizons without exploits or workarounds will be happy to see that it's removed. Seeing how the whole game is built around doing small tasks and chores to make money and then building up your home, working around this defeated the purpose of Animal Crossing in a way, unless your goal was just to get a fancy house without caring how you got there. It's similar to how some players aren't big on others using time travel to get what they need from Animal Crossing before others can, though it's not quite as easy to stop people from traveling through time.


If you're hurting for Bells now that the exploit has been patched out, you could always try making a Spider Island instead.