Animal Crossing: New Horizons Musicians Put on Virtual Performance of Main Theme Song

The musicians behind Animal Crossing: New Horizons' theme song put on a special performance for fans. Earlier today, Nintendo posted a video of the musicians who performed Animal Crossing: New Horizons' iconic theme song for the game putting on a virtual performance for fans. Not only does the video pull the curtain back on which instruments were used to make Animal Crossing: New Horizons' theme song, it also gives fans an excuse to listen to the theme song over and over again, even when they're not playing the game. One of the big takeaways is that a fluglehorn was used as the brass section of the theme song, providing a deliberately more mellow sound than what you'd usually get from a brass instrument.

The musicians featured on the video include Eric Miyashiro on the fluglehorn, Tetsuro Toyama on the acoustic guitar and ukelele, MATARO on percussion, Takashi Ebinuma on the double bass, and Saburo Tanooka on the accordion. Noboyuki Aoyagi did the sound mixing for the video.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become one of the surprise video game hits of 2020, in part because of the game's soothing effect on players looking for an outlet in tense recent months. And while Animal Crossing: New Horizons promotes K.K. Slider as the main musical talent of the franchise, this video reveals that there are a lot of great musicians that worked to make the game a success. Of course, it's also possible that we'll one day see Slider join the Animal Crossing musical team in a performance, much in the same way he made a surprise cameo at last year's Nintendo Live concert.

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