'Anthem': BioWare Teases More to Come With Brand New Roadmap

BioWare's new IP Anthem is finally available - no more snippet demos and restricted play times - [...]

BioWare's new IP Anthem is finally available - no more snippet demos and restricted play times - and players can deck out their Javelin and harness their inner Freelancer to their heart's content. But just because the game is launched, doesn't mean that's it. This is a 'live service' game which means tons of new content drops on the horizon. To kick things off, BioWare's own Chad Robertson offers a special update!

"Coming off our Early Access period, we understand that we have lots of work ahead of us to continue to improve the game," mentioned the head of Live Services. "As a Live Service team, a core tenet for us is listening hard to the community. We use that insight to fix issues and make Quality of Life fixes to the game. Our most recent patch – the one you are playing now — reflects your feedback. You can see the list of changes here. Many came from listening to you. Beyond that, we have a growing list of improvements we're evaluating for the future. You'll start seeing the next of those this coming week."

But as he mentioned, this is only one step of many to continue giving players the play experience promised since day one. "I look at today from two perspectives. As a gamer, I'm excited by what we've created with Anthem and the promise it carries for a long future behind the game's lush world, immersive lore, rich characters, and core gameplay. As a developer, I know we've worked hard to strike a balance of engaging BioWare story combined with fun action-gameplay and multi-player progression; I also know how much more we want to bring to the game."


With a heavy promise of "we're just getting started," he also shared a brand new roadmap detailing more quests, items, features, and tons more from now until May with even more locked beyond that date. It's going to be a very busy couple of months! To get started on your adventure, you can check out the full roadmap right here!

Anthem is now live for all on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can check out our full review right here, with a small snippet below:

"Anthem really seems to honor its promise of feeling entirely new, but with BioWare fans in mind. At first, my impression was that it didn't particularly feel like a BioWare game, but as time went on, I realized that wasn't quite true. It both feels similar to a BioWare game in terms of interaction, but mechanically, it feels very new. As a hardcore BioWare franchise fan myself, that isn't a bad thing. It's new, and a little buggy, but it works."

What do you think of Anthem so far and the road ahead? What is your favorite part about BioWare's new IP - the flight, the freedom, or some of the lovable characters that are available to talk to after every mission? Sound off in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!