Anthem Could Have Romance Options in the Future, Says BioWare

anthem romance

One thing that is pretty much a staple for any BioWare game is the ability to romance characters in-game. This option adds an entirely new layer to the narrative, pushing the immersion even farther for those invested. When Mike Gamble announced that Anthem wouldn't have any sort of romance options, fans were crushed because it was just another reason why their latest BioWare title felt distinctly "not BioWare." At least we have some good news! It appears the "no romance" mantra might only be temporary, at least according to BioWare's Casey Hudson.

According to a recent interview with VentureBeat, "The question is, are there going to be romances in Anthem?" Hudson said. "We've been saying no, but—the nuance is, of course we do want relationships. It's just more in an action genre of storytelling."

For context, he mentioned the move might be akin to Garrus' evolution in the Mass Effect games. In the first Mass Effect, he was not a romance option but that quickly changed in the sequel thanks to fan feedback. "It turned out that people loved Garrus so much that they wanted romances with him, so we built that into Mass Effect 2 and people loved it," he said. "That same opportunity exists here. If people really like a character and they want to spend more time with them, want a relationship with them, that's definitely in the cards for the future."

Even Mass Effect Andromeda added post-launch romance options, giving Jaal the ability to be romanced by a Scott Ryder, as was the original plan during development. With many promised "post launch content" updates, it's very possible that a little lovin' would be implemented within one of those updates, but for now - it's all speculation. Speculation, and hope.


I recently got my hands on Anthem during this year's E3 and I've got to say, I was pretty impressed. As a huge Mass Effect fan I was a little bummed to find out that Anthem was taking priority, but the combat was incredibly smooth and I did find myself wanting to learn more about the characters I was interacting with.