'Anthem' Open Demo Common Issues Reported

The Anthem open demo is going on now and though it's much smoother than how the VIP demo went down, there are still a few bugs and glitches that need to be addressed. Totally expected, it's an online game that is being stress tested far beyond private testing -- so bugs are nothing new. That being said, if you're experiencing a few issues, you're not alone so we decided to put together a few common ones reported for anyone looking to see whether "it's a bug or a feature."

A big problem with the VIP demo were the infinite loading screens, something quite a few players are still experiencing though not to the degree of the previous play period. Quite a few players -- and I've experienced this myself -- have also run into matchmaking issues when trying to squad up with players on our friends list. Personally, I found backing out, going into the forge, then backing back out once more to correct this issue though the studio has mentioned that they are working on fixing the bug as a whole.

Coming in and out of Fort Tarsis is a common complaint. Many are saying when they suit up in Anthem to go run a mission that the cinematic resets and takes players back to the very beginning (though progress is not reset) of the demo where players see their hands atop the table.

Rubberband, isolated freezing, glitched out discharge orbs, and damage readers are all isolated problems demo players have been reporting as well.

This demo is a very small percentage of what the game has to offer. It's short, many of the NPCs are locked out, and there is so much that's "off limits." We recently had a chance to play even more of the game and interview the team over at BioWare, while getting a chance to check out the endgame content and some of the story missions not available in the demo. You can check out our full thoughts with our coverage here, including the parts about the story players haven't been able to see yet and those characters we connected to the most!


As for the game itself, whose open demo is going on now, Anthem releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC February 22nd.

You can see other issues players have been talking about on the Reddit master post here. You can also hit me up over on Twitter for any other questions regarding Anthem @DirtyEffinHippy.