'Anthem' Runs Better on PS4 Pro Than Xbox One X


If you're torn about whether you should pick up Anthem on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, the former is probably the better bet.

As you may remember, when Anthem was first revealed a couple years ago, it was demonstrated via the Xbox One X. And of course, some took this to believe that the Xbox One and Xbox One X versions of the game would get some type of speciality treatment. However, that assumption was wrong.

The tech gurus over at Digital Foundry recently gave the demo a spin to test run the BioWare game on different platforms. And what Digital Foundry found was that, well, for one, the game doesn't exactly run super well on consoles, but also that it runs better on PS4 Pro than Xbox One X, despite the latter being more powerful.

According to the outlet, on both consoles the game supports "4K" running at a native resolution of (roughly) 1800p. Of course, both games are using a type of checkerboard rendering in order to hit this. So, in terms of resolution, there's not much to split the two premium consoles.

However, on the performance side of things the Xbox One X loses some ground. According to the the Digital Foundry video, the PS4 Pro has an unlocked framerate that moves between 25-35fps. Meanwhile, the Xbox One X oddly has a ceiling of 30fps, and can actually even drop below 20fps during more demanding parts of the game. It's a quite noticeable drop, actually, and I'm not even a framerate savant like many are.

The PS4 Pro also has more flexible options if you want to emphasize performance over resolution. With the Sony system, you can drop the resolution to 1080p, which in turns allows you to run at 40-50fps. The Xbox One X does not offer this option.

Broadly speaking, Anthem, especially at certain times, is a gorgeous game, but it also seemingly doesn't hum like other games do, especially on the premium consoles, which is a bit disappointing considering how good its E3 2017 reveal looked on Xbox One X.


Anthem is poised to release on February 22 via the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a Nintendo Switch port.

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