'Anthem' Is "Blazing New Trails" Claims Narrative Director

After stumbling out of the gate with some server issues, Anthem's ongoing VIP demo seems to be [...]


After stumbling out of the gate with some server issues, Anthem's ongoing VIP demo seems to be running smoothly, and the buzz around it has been mostly positive.

One of the biggest releases in early 2019, it appears a lot is riding on Anthem. Electronic Arts hasn't had a win in awhile. BioWare is coming off fumbling Mass Effect: Andromeda. And with Destiny 2 failing to completely hit the mark, all eyes have turned towards Anthem to deliver as a fellow multiplayer sci-fi shooter.

That said, it appears BioWare is confident the game will deliver, or at the very least, Narrative Director on the project, Cameron Dayton is confident, noting that he believes the game is "blazing new trails."

"BioWare has been on the front lines of narrative in games for years, and Anthem is blazing some new trails," said Dayton while interacting with a fan on Twitter.

"We took a risk, and I totally think it was worth it," said Dayton elsewhere on Twitter when interacting with another fan. "It's only been a few months, but I love this studio. First place I've ever been where the writers are at the table with the designers and producers."

Dayton also notes that in his limited spare time, he hasn't been able to put the game down. And while this -- and everything above -- could be chalked up to the fact it's sort of Dayton's job to say nice things about the game and promote it, there seems to a genuiness to the excitement that makes me think he -- and likely the rest of BioWare -- are super excited to see this ship.

Anthem is poised to release on February 22 via the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a Nintendo Switch port, which seems very unlikely at this point.

If you aren't sold on the game yet and couldn't participate in the VIP demo this weekend, an open version of the demo is scheduled to release on February 1.

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