Anthem Story News Teased for PAX West

BioWare's newest IP Anthem continues to chug along during development and the more and more we [...]

BioWare's newest IP Anthem continues to chug along during development and the more and more we learn about the title, the more excited fans are getting. Thanks to Executive Producer Mark Darrah, we've learned so much and interested gamers have a clearer picture as to what to expect. Because of that, the initial negative reception towards the game in reaction to Mass Effect Andromeda has slowly but surely shifted into a more positive direction. But one thing fans have been dying for is more info on the story and the characters, and BioWare's Casey Hudson is here to deliver. At least during PAX West.

Hudson began his latest BioWare blog post by giving a respective nod to Darrah himself saying, "Anthem's Executive Producer Mark Darrah has been doing a tireless job answering questions on Twitter so I won't attempt to expand on that here. But some of the most frequent questions we've had – which weren't fully explored in our demo – had to do with story and character. Specifically, "how can there be agency of your story in a living world that you share with friends?""

He added, "It's a great question, and in my opinion our solution to this design challenge is one of the most innovative things about Anthem. We talked briefly at EA PLAY about how the solution is called "Our World, My Story." In the dynamic open world, everything is experienced in real-time by all Anthem players – day/night, weather, and world-scale events that shape the ongoing narrative of the setting. This is "our world," which we share as a player community. Then when you return to Fort Tarsis, that's actually a single-player experience, and it's where you spend time developing relationships, making choices, and seeing consequences. That's the "my story" part."

Hudson promises we'll be learning the details we crave, and soon. "But even with that description I know there are many more questions about how it will work. To really go deep on this subject, we'll be doing a panel at PAX where we'll talk about "our world, my story" and other big questions you've had about Anthem."

Interested in learning even more about the game? You can check out our Anthem community hub right here for all of our previous coverage regarding the latest venture for BioWare. You can also check out the writer of this story's video below for her own hands on impressions of the game from her time playing the title during E3 of this year.

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