Latest Anthem Update Adds New Features, Gear Changes, and More

There is no denying that BioWare's Anthem has not been in trouble since before it even launched. [...]

There is no denying that BioWare's Anthem has not been in trouble since before it even launched. With a bounty of hype that surrounded it pre-release, the title was looking to be good to go, but that has not been the case. Since launch, the devs have been tasked with having to fix a mountain of issues that players have had with the title. This has led to some changes behind the scenes as well as the studio even going radio silent for quite some time. That said, the devs have now spoken up, and it pertains to a new update that has arrived for Anthem players.

The latest update to hit Anthem packs quite a bit into it. There are a handful of new features that have been added to the title, including new Emerald Abyss Legendary Missions, new UI to communicate with others non-verbally, and more. There have also been some gear changes, some tweaks to creatures, and a bounty of bug fixes.

As for the upcoming Cataclysm, which was delayed, fans will be getting a look at it very soon. BioWare plans on showing it off tomorrow, May 30th, in some capacity. It's unknown if a launch date will be joining the reveal. In addition to this, they will be releasing a Public Test Server to ensure everything is in working order for Cataclysm. You can read more about that right here.

When it comes to what's new, changed, and fixed in the new update, the full list can be found right here, but we've compiled a summary for you below:


  • Freeplay
    • Improved the compass to show collectible items as a question mark when you are near one.
    • Added a purple target icon to show an area where an enemy that is guaranteed to drop loot will appear. When the enemy appears, they will have a white target icon.
    • Added the ability to fast travel to different strider locations from the map while in freeplay.
  • Three Emerald Abyss Legendary Missions have been added.
  • Load screens now display lore regarding the location that you are loading into.
  • Added a simple UI for players to communicate non-verbally with each other and express themselves via emotes. This is accessed by pressing down on the D-Pad if using a controller, or B on a keyboard for PC.


  • Fixed an issue where the "Alt" key could not be correctly used in keybinding.


  • Dominion Storm and Frost Brutes no longer have shields.
  • All Storm Javelins (Elementalists, Valkyries, etc) now regenerate their shields like other shielded creatures. When hovering they can be grounded with force or with fire status effects.
  • The Scar Hunter can now be grounded with fire status effects.
  • Improved the animation of the Scar Grenadier grenade throw to be more clear.

Javelin Changes

  • Looking away from interaction point while interacting no longer cancels the interaction.

Gear Changes

  • Interceptor
    • Base damage of Cluster Mine has been increased from 110 to 135
    • Base damage of Searching Glaive has been increased from 550 to 605
    • Base damage of Plasma Star has been increased from 110 to 210
    • Base damage of Wraith Strike has been increased from 250 to 315
  • Colossus
    • Base damage of Burst Mortar has been increased from 300 to 400
    • Base damage of Flak Cannon has been increased from 42 to 60
    • Base damage of Black Powder (Masterwork Flak Cannon) has been increased from 52.5 to 75
  • Ranger
    • Base damage of Blast Missile has been increased from 220 to 310
    • Based damage of Argo's Mace (Masterwork Blast Missile) has been increased from 275 to 387.5
  • Storm
    • Base damage of Flame Burst has been increased from 150 to 260
    • Base damage of Venomous Blaze (Masterwork Flame Burst) has been increased from 225 to 390
    • Base damage of Arc Burst has been increased from 300/150 to 375/185

Anthem is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more about the troubled game, check out some of our previous coverage.