Here's Why BioWare Is Keeping 'Anthem' Reveals to a Minimum

Though we have learned quite a bit about BioWare's Anthem, in large part due to Mike Laidlaw, [...]

Though we have learned quite a bit about BioWare's Anthem, in large part due to Mike Laidlaw, through the months there is still a lot that we just don't know. Fans are wanting reassurance of the promised narrative that will welcome single-player lovers with open arms and the team has been doing everything they can to keep those details hidden. Why? Apparently, it was all BioWare's decision.

Game Director Jonathan Warner recently sat down with Metro to discuss why they are being so hush, hush about such a large title. Since's its their newest IP with a massively open world to explore, the lack of trailers has many concerned. But don't worry - Warner assures those awaiting news they aren't keeping it underwraps for the reason many fear.

He told the site, "Without being indiscreet I think it's really about our choice as developers wanting to bring something and show something that is more full-throated, if you will, at the right time. I think there's always the temptation to show stuff early and because it's new, and because we've been iterating on it in a very meaningful way we as developers wanted to hold this a little closer to our breast for just a little bit longer, until we could get it to something like the demo that you see."

Did EA influence this decision at all? The decision to keep quiet? As a publisher, it would make sense but according to Warner - EA has been supportive of how they want to handle it. According to him, EA has given them a lot of freedom:

"EA leadership, from studio all the way up to the very, very top of the organisation have been so supportive of this process. And we're lucky enough to have leaders who know that developing new IP is really hard. As creators it's one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do. But it is very difficult and I can honestly say, with no BS, that the process has been hugely supportive. I'm not concerned in the slightest about our marketing, we're gonna come out and really blow the doors off this thing."

Anthem releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 22nd of next year. Interested in learning even more about the game? You can check out our Anthem community hub right here for all of our previous coverage regarding the latest venture for BioWare.