Apex Legends Anniversary Event May Offer Players Heirloom Shards

Apex Legends' next anniversary is coming up soon, and if things work out as players hope, they may have an easier chance at getting an Heirloom of their choosing from the next event. That's according to recent rumors that suggested the anniversary event's ultimate reward for players might be a set of Heirloom Shards as opposed to one set Heirloom or Prestige Skin that are typically assigned to these kinds of events. Respawn Entertainment hasn't yet said what the plans are for the next event nor the anniversary overall, so players are left to hope, for now.

Twitter user and Apex leaker ExoMadara tweeted about the rumored details of the game's next anniversary event this week to give an idea of what to expect. The user said (translated from French) that those who spent all their currencies trying to unlock the new Peacekeeper skin from the last Collection Event may be disappointed once the anniversary event gets underway. An image of Heirloom Shards popping out of an Apex Pack was shared, too, to suggest that the event will give players Heirloom Shards as the grand prize for unlocking all of the other cosmetics included in whatever this next event is.

ExoMadra's claims were backed up by Thordan Smash, another Apex leaker who players may be familiar with.

But just because Heirloom Shards may be on the table (and they may not even be up for grabs anyway since this leak hasn't been verified), that doesn't mean they'll be easy to get. All these big events have 24 cosmetics available for players to either purchase or craft, and if players spend enough of their in-game currencies or real money on the event, they get whatever Mythic cosmetic is being offered. That can make some players disinterested in events if the featured Heirloom is for a Legend they don't play, but events like this one that offer Heirloom Shards as the expensive prize are good catchalls for anyone who's been wanting an Heirloom and has some money to spare.

Respawn hasn't yet confirmed the details of its next event. Apex first released on February 4, 2019, so expect details to be shared soon if Respawn does indeed plan to celebrate the game's anniversary this way or another.