Apex Legends Developer Provides Update on Big Issue Ahead of Season 7

Apex Legends players have noticed a number of audio issues in the game during Season 6, most notably one where enemy footsteps don't produce sound. Naturally, this is a frustrating issue for players, and now developer Respawn Entertainment has weighed in on the issue. On Reddit, director Chad Grenier was asked about the problem, and whether or not steps had been taken to resolve it. According to Grenier, the team is searching for a solution, but some hiccups have prevented the developer from finding an easy solution. While Season 7 will feature some bug fixes, it doesn't sound like the problem with footsteps will be resolved anytime soon.

"We are aware of and have people dedicated to solving the issue. Unfortunately, it's not a simple problem and we're trying very hard to track down the cause," said Grenier. "To complicate things, it's never been an issue in our internal playtests when we can actually debug the issue, so having a live game issue with no debugging capability makes it difficult to track down. Just wanted to comment here that we are aware and working on it."

Grenier's comments make it sound like the development team is currently struggling to find a resolution to the issue. It's interesting to see that Respawn is not running into the issue during internal playtests. That doesn't mean that things can't change sometime in the near future, but it definitely makes it a bit less likely!

Complicating matters, Respawn seems to be quite busy with the game, at the moment. Season 7 is set to release on November 10th. Additionally, the developer is working on cross-play and a Nintendo Switch version of the game. Neither has a set release date at the moment, but in the case of the Nintendo Switch version, it has been rated by the ESRB, which means it could come very soon, possibly in time for the start of the new season. Players certainly have a lot to look forward to in the game in the coming weeks!


Apex Legends is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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