Apex Legends Event Gives Bloodhound an Heirloom Set

Apex Legends finally has its second heirloom set now that the Iron Crown Collection event has begun. This new heirloom set belongs to the expert hunter Bloodhound and includes a special intro quip, a banner pose, and most important of all, a skin for the Legend’s melee weapon. Like the other heirloom set for Wraith, this one looks like it’ll be a rare find in Kings Canyon, especially since it’s currently locked behind a new currency released alongside the event.

The Bloodhound Heirloom Set was first spotted in the event trailer which was released prior to the start of the Iron Crown Collection. Towards the end of the trailer that can be seen above, we see Bloodhound leaping from the top of a building with the fancy hatchet in-hand. It was thought to be an heirloom set when it was spotted there, and Respawn Entertainment’s patch notes for the event have now confirmed those suspicions.

Respawn’s patch notes also explained to players how they can add the heirloom set to their collection, and it looks like it might take players to bit to unlock the set through a combination of the new “Crowns” currency and Apex Coins. You’ll have to unlock all 24 items in the Iron Crown Collection first, and after doing so, you have the option to buy the heirloom set for 3,500 Apex Coins.

“The Iron Crown Collection Event also introduces a new event currency, Crowns, which can be earned from challenges and received from Iron Crown Collection Packs,” Respawn’s patch notes said. “Crowns can be spent in the new limited-time event store to unlock Event-Limited Rare, Epic, and Legendary content. During the event, if you unlock all 24 Iron Crown Collection Pack items, you’ll be able to get Bloodhound’s Heirloom Set with Apex Coins.”

The notes also said that the heirloom set will return to the normal pool of Apex Pack loot once the event ends, so players will have a chance to earn it there. Those who have tried repeatedly to find Wraith’s heirloom set in the loot pool will know that getting it isn’t an easy task though, so it looks like this event offering is intended to be a way to get it directly after you work your way through the rest of the event loot.

What you get with the Bloodhound Heirloom from r/apexlegends

By completing challenges during the event, players can start their journey towards the set by earning two event packs and some Crowns. As seen in the image above, some players have already gotten their pack. The player who shared that image estimated that they spent approximately $170.

Apex Legends’ Iron Crown Collection event is now underway on all available platforms.