'Apex Legends' Players Are Making Bank Selling Cheats, "Easy Money"

Despite Respawn banning over 355,000 players since Apex Legends' recent launch, that hasn't [...]

Despite Respawn banning over 355,000 players since Apex Legends' recent launch, that hasn't deterred cheaters -- and cheat creators -- from exploiting the game for an easy win and financial gain. In fact, many of those same creators that were making thousands of dollars monthly from taking advantage of Fortnite's system have moved onto the Respawn battle royale title, claiming that their coding is much easier to manipulate, making it less time consuming and more slated for financial gain.

Hack creators have been shamelessly taking to YouTube, Discord, and other forms of social media to peddle their cheating programs, which players can then use to guarantee them an easy win to make up for an obvious lack of skill. Instead of "get gud," they got lazy and paid money to basically announce to the world that they're a scrub.

Still, taking advantage of scrubs can be easy money, with some claiming that they are making upwards to $20,000 a month making these game-altering programs. But this kind of move is risky, in addition to just wrong. Not only to these cheat users and creators risk lifetime bans, but legal action as well. Epic Games famously took these hack creators to court over Fortnite cheats, and it doesn't look like Respawn is planning on rolling over either.

One hack creator told Kotaku, "As for who is the easiest [to cheat with], I would say Wraith, because if you get too confident you can also use an ability to get out of the situation quickly." There are other hacks as well, including eliminating footstep sounds, unlimited ammo, and tons more.

Luckily, Respawn seems intent on catching, and banning, this type of player because whether you're using them or making them, you're ruining the online gaming experience for players that actually know how to aim a fictional gun.

Don't be that guy.

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