Apex Legends Brings Back Limited-Time Game Mode

Apex Legends has brought back the Kings Canyon After Dark game mode for a limited time as part of its September Soiree event. The old twist on Kings Canyon turns out the lights on the map the game started with and casts players into darkness to fight their battles. It’s the second game mode added as part of the September Soiree event and will be around from now until September 15th when it’s replaced with another new game mode.

The return of the Kings Canyon After Dark mode was announced earlier in the week with a brief teaser reminding players what’s waiting for them in this darkened version of Kings Canyon. With the switch flipped to nighttime mode, players will notice different sources of light around Kings Canyon to brighten things up in different locations, but it’s still a much different experience compared to playing on the normal Kings Canyon map.

Kings Canyon After Dark is unique in the lineup of September Soiree game modes in the sense that it was at one time a permanent fixture in Apex Legends. Games would rotate between Kings Canyon, Kings Canyon After Dark, and World’s Edge. After players shared feedback on the rotation that suggested the Kings Canyon After Dark mode should appear less frequently compared to the other two options, the mode’s time in the rotation was lessened. It was eventually totally removed from the rotation which left only World’s Edge and Kings Canyon as the playable options.

The whole reason it was removed in the past was because players had grown tired of it, but now that it’s been a while since it returned and it’s an option now, not a mandatory map, perhaps it’ll be received differently. Even if players aren’t satisfied with it again, they can at least look forward to a new game mode being released soon to take its place next week.


The September Soiree event hit a brief snag recently when a problem with the first game mode, DUMMIES Big Day, presented a bug that was crashing games. The event’s now back on track though, so expect new game modes from now until October.