Apex Legends Mobile Beta Announced by Respawn

Apex Legends is finally set to make its appearance on mobile platforms. After having previously [...]

Apex Legends is finally set to make its appearance on mobile platforms. After having previously announced this new iteration of the game, developer Respawn Entertainment finally announced when it's bringing its popular battle royale shooter to handheld devices. And while it might take a bit for the full experience to eventually roll out, regional beta tests are set to begin taking place before the conclusion of this month.

Broken down on the Electronic Arts website, Respawn said that Apex Legends Mobile is a wholly new iteration of the game that has been built specifically with mobile devices in mind. "Apex Legends Mobile is specially designed for touchscreens, with streamlined controls and thoughtful optimizations that result in the most advanced battle royale combat available on a phone," said Respawn director Chad Grenier. "It's a new version of Apex Legends, but it's true to the original."

When it comes to the release strategy of Apex Legends Mobile, Respawn says that it will be taking things very slowly. The game is set to first appear in India and the Philippines in a closed beta form. In addition, this beta version will only be accessible on Android platforms to start. As 2021 continues onward, Respawn then plans to bring the game to other regions. It will also eventually add support for iOS devices as well. "When we're ready to go broader, we'll launch a page that allows you to pre-register for the game and sign up for news about the betas," Respawn explained.

As for other important notes about this version of Apex Legends, the game will not be cross-play the other experiences on PC and console. Since Apex Legends Mobile has been designed for mobile platforms alone, in some ways, it's a bit of a different game. In addition, the game will also continue to be free-to-play and will be worked on by the same developers that currently work on the original Apex Legends.

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