New Apex Legends Data Suggests It's Quickly Dying

Apex Legends came so hot out the gate back in February that some were boldly declaring that it [...]

Apex Legends came so hot out the gate back in February that some were boldly declaring that it would dethrone Fortnite. A few months later, Fortnite is as popular as ever and Apex Legends is quickly vanishing. Similar to some previous data, a new report from Superdata shows that the EA battle royale shooter is not only declining, it's declining in rapid fashion. In the month of April, Apex Legends earned $24 million in digital revenue, which is a lot of money, but according to Superdata, it's "down significantly" for the second consecutive month. For reference, in February the game posted $92 million in digital revenue, which means it declined74 percent in just two months. That's not good.

That said, you may point out that to compare the game now to its hot start is a bit unfair, which is true. The game had the most successful start of any free-to-play title ever, according to Superdata. But still, removing that context, just two months later it's not even the top ten for console or PC in terms of digital revenue. Again, that's not good.

So, what's going on? Well, Apex Legends has a content problem. Since it launched over three months ago it has added one Legend, one gun, and a few balance updates. That's it. And on top of a very slow drip of content, Respawn Entertainment has been incredibly slow to fix the game's issues and bugs. When you combine these two shortcomings with an awful Battle Pass, it's enough for most of the player base to move on, which seems to be happening.

Of course, with Season 2 poised to drop soon, maybe that will be enough injection of content into the game to get people to come back, but if the content releases and support doesn't speed up, it will just lose them all over again.

Apex Legends is available via the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is also currently slated to come to mobile devices sometime this year, but when exactly, hasn't been divulged. Beyond a mobile port, no additional ports have been announced.

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