Apex Legends Season 11 Teaser Hints at New Map

After dropping in-game teasers for Apex Legends players to find, the latest Season 11 tease from Respawn Entertainment is our best indicator yet of plans for a new map next season. This teaser comes from the time and date announcement for the Season 11 – also known as Apex Legends: Escape – launch trailer. It shows a MRVN with a flower next to its head on a postcard that looks to be advertising the tropical landscape the next map is supposedly housed within.

That teaser can be seen below courtesy of the Apex Legends Twitter account. The image used in the tweet promoting the launch trailer showed the postcard which itself looks to be laying on the beach, but the waiting room for the launch trailer premiere on YouTube has its own teaser. The link takes players to a teaser trailer that shows another MRVN sitting on a boat off the shore of an island and ends with a big Nessie doll adorned with apparel befitting of the setting.

A new season is expected every few months in Apex Legends, but a new map is much rarer and has therefore been an enticing part of the next season already. Though names such as "Storm Point" have been thrown around in leaks as possible names for the new map, Respawn has not yet confirmed what its plans are for another map.

Over on the Apex Legends site, there's already a page up for Season 11 which seems to have a placeholder for the new map. A subheader for the section says "A Storm Is Brewing" which reinforces the leaks about the map's name, and a description of this content hints that the map might not be as serene and peaceful as these teasers suggest.

"No matter how beautiful it seems, every corner of the Outlands is a dangerous place," Respawn's teaser for the new map says. "You'd be wise to remember that."

Map teasers aside, we know already of some content that's for sure coming in Season 11. Respawn has already said that the next Legend will be Ash, a character Titanfall players will remember, and the new weapon being added to the game will be the C.A.R. SMG. Everything beyond that is subject to change, but we should know more about the plans for the next season on October 21st when the Season 11 launch trailer and hopefully more details are released.