Apex Legends Plays Don't Get Any Smoother Than This Pathfinder Grapple

Pathfinder wasn’t one of the Apex Legends characters who was changed with the big Season 4 [...]

Pathfinder wasn't one of the Apex Legends characters who was changed with the big Season 4 update, but that doesn't mean the robotic Legend is any less capable of pulling off smooth plays this season. One Apex Legends player demonstrated this perfectly by pulling off what's already one of the best grapples of Season 4 as they flung themselves across one of the newly renovated parts of the maps in a scene that looks like it was pulled straight from Titanfall.

The Pathfinder player in question goes by the name olwright_thesecond on Reddit where they posted the impressive Pathfinder play in the site's Apex Legends subreddit. Prepping one of Pathfinder's Grappling Hooks by targeting some lights amid the ruins of Capitol City, the player swung themselves straight through a busted building and continued much further than that.

The video demonstrating the impressive grapple can be seen below to show just how far the player flew.

The Smoothest Grapple This Season from r/apexlegends

As the player said, it's one of the smoothest grapples we've seen in Season 4, and it wouldn't have been possible without the changes that were released at the start of the season. Pathfinder may not have changed, but World's Edge sure did, particularly around key points like Capitol City. This point of interest was totally frozen over in Season 3, but Season 4 melted the ice, split the ground in half while destroying some buildings, and gave players a skyscraper bridge that the Pathfinder in the video bounced across to make it into the building across the chasm.

Respawn Entertainment addressed this part of the map and more in a post about Season 4 that was released before the season began so that players would be more familiar with the changes.

"The large fissure can only be crossed in two locations (a zipline, or a fallen skyscraper bridge)," the post explained. "This allows teams some breathing room to control one side after the drop, reducing the risk of running into 3rd parties from the other side of the city. Is the construction site too hot for you? Land in Fragment East and use a Wattson or a Caustic to control the choke points for extra security. Of course, Pathfinder and Octane can both use their ultimates to get their teams across at any location."

Another Apex Legends player showed us a few days ago why we should always revive our teammates when possible, so Season 4 has already been full of helpful lessons.