Apex Legends Season 5 Gameplay Trailer Released

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts delivered on the promise of more Apex Legends Season 5 news on Friday with the reveal of the next season’s gameplay trailer. In it, we got to see more of Loba, the new Legend joining the Apex Games after her showdown with Revenant, as well as what the Legend is capable of. There are also big changes coming to Kings Canyon with entire parts of the map removed in exchange for others, and just like every season that’s come before it, the game will feature a new battle pass with a bunch of cosmetics to work through.

The gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 5 can be seen below after it was shared by EA and Respawn this week. It opens with the aftermath of the Season 5 launch trailer with Loba standing over Revenant, but as we’ll know from the backstory of the two characters and how her mission against him went, that’s only one of seemingly endless Revenant bodies.

From PvE content to massive map changes, the trailer highlighted some of the most important parts of Season 5 that the game’s creators have been willing to share so far. Building off the Bloodhound event where players were able to take on AI enemies during a normal match, it looks like players will be able to pursue PvE Quests where they attempt to find artifacts and uncover secrets related to the Apex Games and its characters.

For those who would prefer to stick to the PvP content, the trailer showed more of Loba’s teleportation and item-looting abilities. We still haven’t seen a full breakdown of her abilities yet, so it’s impossible to tell exactly what she’s doing, but it looks as though her ultimate will allow her to instantly bring loot to her teammates using her wolf staff.


Whether you plan on playing as Loba or not, you’ll definitely be visiting the new map locations in Season 5. We already knew Skull Town was getting taken out, but it seems that area isn’t the only casualty of Loba’s actions. The Thunderdome is gone as well with a new area called Salvage replacing the old locations on Kings Canyon.

Look for a full breakdown of the Apex Legends Season 5 plans ahead of the season’s start on May 12th to see what’s in store for the game.