Apex Legends Season 5 Trailer Released

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts gave Apex Legends players their best look yet at Season 5 of the battle royale game with the reveal of the next season’s launch trailer this week. The season’s not set to start until a week later on May 12th, but the launch trailer gave an idea of what to expect from the next season of content. It also answered some questions that have been brewing for some time now pertaining to Revenant, the Legend from Season 4, and Loba, the next Legend joining the Apex Games who has a history with the robot assassin.

In the trailer, we see Loba heading to a factory where the simulacrums such as Revenant are made. Past teasers indicated that the new Legend was attempting to find out how Revenant worked and how to put a stop to him by destroying the organic source of the assassin that allows him to be transferred into a new vessel every time he’s killed. She finds that source in the trailer, but her plan doesn’t play out as she’d hoped.

Instead, the lab is mostly destroyed by her efforts, and Revenant’s source was once again lost. She escapes the lab only to find herself in the Apex Games which were apparently being played right above the structure, a series of games of which Revenant has been a part of since Season 4. She implies she’ll kill Revenant for good one day, but until then, she’s content to destroy his physical, robotic forms in the Apex Games.

It was confirmed last week by Respawn Entertainment that Loba would be the new Legend joining Apex Legends in Season 5. She’s long been the subject of leaks, datamines, and discussions within the Apex Legends community as people tried to figure out what her abilities would be and how she’d tie into the game’s revenge storyline that’s been building throughout the past season. Numerous teasers shared in-game pointed to her arrival both before and after she was confirmed to be part of Season 5.


For those who still haven’t finished everything they want to get done during Season 4, you’ve still got a while longer to take care of those tasks. Respawn and EA announced not long ago that Season 4 had been extended with Season 5 now scheduled to start on May 12th, so if you’re lagging behind in the battle pass or want to get in as much time in the current version of the game as you can before things change, you’ve got a week to do so.

Apex Legends Season 5 begins on May 12th, and you can expect more details pertaining to the season to be shared before it officially begins next week.