Apex Legends Update Brings Back Kings Canyon with a Twist

Apex Legends delivered on some players’ requests this week by bringing back the Kings Canyon map for a limited time, but it looks a bit different from how players remembered it in the past. Over in the area where Skull Town once was before it was blown off the map, the famous Mirage Voyage ship has now appeared to float over the crater and reward visitors with valuable loot. The location of the ship is the same one that previous datamining efforts predicted prior to its arrival.

Players can hop into Apex Legends and revisit Kings Canyon as well as the Mirage Voyage point of interest right now, Respawn Entertainment announced this week. The original Apex Legends map and the traveling party ship will be around in the game until January 21st at which point they’ll be removed from the rotation again.

Though Kings Canyon was the first map made available in Apex Legends, it’s been a while since players were able to compete on it. Season 7 added Olympus to the mix rotation alongside Worlds Edge and kept the latter as the map for the game’s ranked mode in the current season.

For those who’ve only just started playing Apex Legends recently and weren’t around the last time Mirage Voyage made an appearance, the ship was previously only available on Worlds Edge as a floating point of interest. Like the Supply Ship that would travel around Kings Canyon, Mirage Voyage carried high-value loot with it, but unlike the other floating loot vessel, it doesn’t move and is instead fixed in one location.


A clip shared online shows what the ship looks like now that it’s been added to Kings Canyon. Since it’s floating over the ruins of Skull Town with nothing underneath it, the stakes to get the valuable loot are a bit higher than before seeing how you can’t just jump off the side of the ship if things go wrong or if you don’t get loot right away. There are locations on either end of the ship to launch players off and get them back on the main map once you’re done looting or if you need to make a quick exit.

Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon map with the Mirage Voyage point of interest is back in the rotation until January 21st.