Apex Legends Update Disables One of Rampart's Best Season 7 Tricks

Apex Legends’ seventh season has brought about entirely new strategies and playstyles with the release of the new Horizon map and things like the first vehicle called the “Trident,” but one of the tactics made possible by Season 7 has temporarily been disabled. It involves Rampart, her minigun ultimate, and the Tridents, but unlike another Rampart trick removed earlier in the week, this feature involving the vehicle has only been disable temporarily in order to resolve a bug.

The trick is one that Apex Legends players will be plenty familiar with by now. It involves sticking Rampart’s minigun on top of a Trident so that one player can pilot the vehicle and another can sit on top of it to control the minigun. It’s an intended mechanic along with putting other Legends’ abilities on the Trident and was one of the biggest features of the vehicle advertised before the season released. Thankfully, this feature is coming back as soon as a bug is resolved, so Rampart players hopefully won’t be playing for long without their new vehicle trick.

Based on reports from players who looked for help from Respawn Entertainment over the past week or so, it looks like the bug in question was one that would cause players’ games to crash whenever teams tried to put Rampart’s turret on a Trident. The issue wasn’t one that every player was experiencing, but considering how everyone knows about the trick now and pretty much any Rampart player on Olympus would try it given the chance, it’s one that was affecting enough players to warrant the interaction to be disabled for the time being.


This Rampart trick is similar to another one that players discovered in Season 7, though the other one was very much not an intended feature and has since been disabled permanently. That one involved sticking Rampart’s turret on a Crypto drone to create a flying minigun players could control as it swooped down on enemies, but a previous Apex Legends update took care of that problem.