Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes: Every Legend Buff and Nerf

The new season of Apex Legends is fast approaching with much to look forward to including a new Legend, a new map, and more. Patch notes revealed ahead of that update’s release have given players a preview of what’s to come including a look at all the ways the game’s existing Legends are being buffed, nerfed, or otherwise adjusted in Season 7. A total of eight different Legends have changes coming in the update alongside the sweeping gameplay changes for Season 7 that’ll affect everyone in general.

Some of the changes in the update are straight-up buffs for certain Legends while others are follow-up adjustments that move past buffs and nerfs one way or another. In every instance of changes for different Legends, Respawn Entertainment provided some context for the adjustments which can be found in the official patch notes for those wondering why something has changed.

You can find the full notes below for the Season 7 update and how it’ll change the eight specific Legends it mentions. Pathfinder’s changes largely consist of dev notes, so we’ve highlighted the biggest changes below and referenced those notes where needed to explain what’s happening to the grappling robot.

Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes for Legends

  • Bangalore
    • Rolling Thunder: Reduced the time it takes for explosion from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • Caustic
    • Nox Gas Trap/Nox Gas Grenade: Legends no longer get a blurred vision effect while in the gas. Damage updated from 4-10 ticks of damage to 6-12 ticks of damage.
  • Mirage
    • Psyche Out/Life of the Party: Decoys now have 45 health
  • Octane
    • Swift Mend: Doubled healing rate (from 0.5 hp/s to 1.0 hp/s)
  • Wattson
    • Perimeter Security: Increased damage per touch from 10 to 15.
  • Loba
    • Black Market: Ammo taken no longer counts towards Black Market’s maximum. You can scoop up all the ammo in range.
  • Rampart
    • Sheila: Now takes 1.25 seconds to fully spin up, down from 2 seconds.
    • Amped Wall: Now takes 3 seconds to fully build, down from 4 seconds.
  • Pathfinder
    • Adjusted hitbox (seen below)
    • Grappling Hook:
      • Pathfinder no longer needs to be on the ground for Grappling Hook to be considered finished.
      • The speed to which Pathfinder needs to drop for us to consider Grappling Hook finished was increased from 300 units/second to 500 units/second
      • The maximum cooldown grapple can be set to was lowered to 30 seconds, from 35 seconds; the maximum amount of travel time before a new cooldown is set is now 5 seconds, rather than being uncapped. This means that effectively, you can never incur more than a 35 second cooldown.
      • The amount of distance you can travel before you hit maximum cooldown was roughly doubled.
Apex Legends Pathfinder Hitbox
(Photo: Electronic Arts)

Apex Legends Season 7 starts on November 4th, so look for these changes and more to live then.