New 'Apex Legends' Video Continues to Meme the Mozambique

Respawn Entertainment may not have any buffs coming for Apex Legends’ Mozambique, at least not any that it’s announced, but the developer’s latest video shows it’s definitely still in touch with the memes.

Shortly after the game’s release, the community relegated the Mozambique to a meme-tier weapon. It’s an option players use only if they absolutely have no other weapon at their disposal, and even then some people prefer to rely on melee attacks instead to finish the job. Respawn has acknowledged players’ feedback on the weapon before but even went so far as to put it in the new video above.

The big takeaway from the video was that Apex Legends has already reached a staggering number of players with over 50 million people taking part since the game launched, but it also contained many more interesting stats about Apex Legends and the community. Amid some creative kills and community creations, Respawn provided solid video evidence that the Mozambique is, in fact, capable of eliminating an opponent.

Apex Legends Mozambique
(Photo: Respawn via YouTube)

Players knew before this celebratory video that the Mozambique does actually do damage, though it’s still rare to see it being used effectively. There have even been clips of players wiping entire squads with the Mozambique, though you’ll notice they used a method Respawn suggested previously.

There’s no real trick to the Mozambique other than aiming down the sights, but that’s exactly what Apex Legends’ primary weapon designer Sean Slayback suggested players do when using it. When the Havoc was revealed, players asked if Respawn had any plans to buff the Mozambique. Slayback said the “current plan is to keep enjoying the memes” but advised anyone who uses the weapon that aiming down the sights will reduce the weapon’s spread – much like a Precision Choke does for the Peacekeeper – and will allow for more consistent damage.


Buffs for the Mozambique may come one day, perhaps when Respawn discusses balance and the game’s meta as it said it’s preparing to do, but for now, the memes keep coming from players and from the developer.



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