Apple Now Sells PlayStation 5 DualSense Controllers

PlayStation 5 owners who are looking to add another DualSense controller to their collections now [...]

PlayStation 5 owners who are looking to add another DualSense controller to their collections now have a shot at scoring one from an unexpected seller: Apple. The tech company now carries PlayStation 5 controllers in its inventory under its accessories sections to give its Apple Arcade users and other mobile gamers a gamepad option for their games. The controller costs as much as you'd expect it to with a $70 price tag like you'll find elsewhere, so while you likely won't be getting any discounts anytime soon, it's at least an option if everywhere else is sold out.

You can find the DualSense on sale through Apple's site with delivery only the current option right now, but it's at least in stock if your first choices of marketplaces have been letting you down. On the listing for the controller, Apple touted its features as they relate to the company's tech such as mobile devices and Apple TV. With the DualSense, players are able to connect to those sorts of devices over Bluetooth to play games in the Apple Arcade that feature controller support or games on the Mac that offer the same feature.

Perhaps one of the biggest incentives for Apple to sell DualSense controllers outside of supporting its Apple Arcade games is the Remote Play option PlayStation 5 owners have as it relates to Apple's devices. Remote Play has been an option for PlayStation games for a while now, but it wasn't until this month that PlayStation added support for the DualSense controller when using this feature on other devices. Because of that implementation, PlayStation 5 owners can now play their PlayStation games on mobile devices via Remote Play.

While Apple does carry the DualSense controller, there's no mention of any type of Xbox controller on the store's page. Perhaps that sort of agreement hasn't been settled with Microsoft yet, or perhaps it isn't happening at all, but one would think that with how much Microsoft has pushed Xbox's cloud gaming feature that there'd be an incentive to sell Xbox controllers through the same marketplace. For now, however, the only controller option of this kind through the Apple marketplace is the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller.