Arcade1up Mini Arcade Cabinets Now Available For Pre-Order


Last month, we told you about some neat new stand-up games that would let you live out arcade thrills without having to pay top-dollar for machines or worry much about maintenance. That's because the Arcade1up units enable you to play a number of classics in a traditional setup, and for a much lower price. Now you can order one for your man cave or living room.

The creators at Tastemakers have announced that their first run of Arcade1up machines are now available for pre-order, going for the price of $399 each. Each game comes with a number of arcade classics in a traditional arcade unit design, as you can see above.

"Standing at just under 4 ft. tall, each Arcade1Up machine is loaded with different classic arcade games and comes with an immersive full-color, hi-resolution display and authentic sounds. The cabinets feature the original arcade games' control and button configurations, eliminating any guesswork about gameplay. Add-ons include a stool and riser, allowing for the creation of a full arcade experience that fits perfectly in a den, office or dorm, and enables hours of fun-filled gaming," the company noted in a press release.

"Arcade1Up will transport you back to an era of button-mashing, neon lights and hours of addictive gaming fun," said Scott Bachrach, CEO of Tastemakers, LLC. "It is a unique experience and truly brings back retro gaming the way it was meant to be played!"

As for the units that will be available at launch, they are as follows:

Atari's Centipede Cabinet: Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command, Crystal Castles

Atari's Asteroids Cabinet: Asteroids, Tempest, Major Havoc, Lunar Lander

Midway's Rampage Cabinet: Rampage, Defender, Joust, Gauntlet

Capcom's Street Fighter II Championship Cabinet: Street Fighter II Championship, Super Street Fighter II New Challenger, Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Capcom's Final Fight Cabinet: Final Fight, 1944: The Loop Master, Ghosts N' Goblins, Strider

Pre-orders for the games can be placed now over on the GameStop page; and Tastemakers also indicated that they will open up soon on Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and other retailers soon. UPDATE: The cabinets are live at Walmart for $299 instead of $399. We're not sure if this is a price mistake, so take advantage of it while you can.


The games have a current release date of September 25, so they should be shipping about that time. They're easy to assemble so you can get your arcade gaming on in no time flat! As for the next games that will be available, Tastemakers hasn't confirmed new titles yet. But we'll let you know once they do. Enjoy the classics that are coming in the meantime! (We could personally use that Final Fight cabinet in the office…)

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