MOBA Smash-Hit Arena of Valor Getting Surprise Imminent Launch in North America

UPDATE: Arena of Valor is currently live on the iOS iTunes app store and Google Play stores! Go [...]

UPDATE: Arena of Valor is currently live on the iOS iTunes app store and Google Play stores! Go download it for free right now!

This morning Tencent made a surprise announcement, and revealed that its mobile MOBA smash-hit Arena of Kings will be coming to North America much sooner than anticipated. The game was originally meant to make its way to North American mobile gamers this holiday season, but saw a sudden and unfortunate delay. Today, Tencent revealed that it will make the holiday deadline after all! Here's part of the statement found in this morning's press release:

"Feeling the excitement for this game from all of you: the North American Arena of Valor community, helped fuel us through the long days and nights while we further prepared the game for all to enjoy. Thanks to your continued love and support of our game, we were able to get this ready for all of you in time for the holidays! Arena of Valor launches in North America and South America soon! We're so excited to see all of you try what we've been working on for so long, so prepare yourselves for an epic yet festive end of the year celebration with Arena of Valor!"

To call Arena of Valor a "smash-hit" is a bit of an understatement. Tencent's mobile MOBA has taken the Eastern world by storm, and is one of the most lucrative, most-played games in the world. As of January of this year, Arena of Valor (known as Honor of Kings elsewhere) was boasting 50 million daily active users, which is obscene.

Fans in Europe have already been enjoying Arena of Valor for some time, and we've been looking on longingly as they get to play with some of our favorite DC superheroes, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Joker, and the Flash! We can't wait to get our hands on this one, and as soon as we're able to secure an official launch date we'll let you know straight away!