ARK: Survival Evolved Now an Xbox Play Anywhere Title

(Photo: Studio Wildcard)

Who doesn't want to run with dinos on their downtime? Now, Xbox One players can: a new update from Microsoft on the company's blog has provided information about the game's availability on Xbox's Play Anywhere platform. With Play Anywhere, Xbox One and Windows 10 users can buy a game once, then play it on both PC and Xbox. "Studio Wildcard has worked closely with the teams at Microsoft to make sure anyone who has purchased the game digitally on Xbox can still download and play on both platforms at no additional cost," stated Studio Wildcard's Jesse Rapczakin in the blog post.

The Play Anywhere update also adds cross play to the game, which means that no matter what platform players are using, their friends can interact with each other. This idea is getting more popular when it comes to major titles, opening up multiplayer mode to a wider audience for more online play.

Players can jump into cross play immediately by browsing the game's official server network for servers titled "CrossPlay." In total, there are 24 servers dedicated to cross play mode, with a mixture of PvE and PvP. Right now, Official Servers aren't part of the deal but there are apparently a "large quantity of player-hosted Dedicated & Non-Dedicated cross play sessions to join," according to Microsoft. Players can host up to own 70 players on a dedicated server if they're using the Windows 10 version of the game.

This all comes with the launch of the game's Windows 10 version, and is likely a big push to get the game's Xbox One base acquainted with a PC alternative. "I can’t tell you how excited we are to welcome Windows 10 players to the tribe," said Rapczakin. "Personally, I’ll be gliding through the chambers of Ark: Aberration this holiday on my Rock Drake… sometimes from my couch on my Xbox One X and sometimes from my Windows 10 gaming laptop on the road."

ARK: Survival Evolved is available for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.