ARMS Gets Three New Combatants, Plenty Of Cool Modes

The ARMS Nintendo Direct is still happening at the moment, but we’ve already got the details on [...]

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The ARMS Nintendo Direct is still happening at the moment, but we've already got the details on some of the new content that's being featured!

Amongst the many combatants that are already featured in the game, there are three noteworthy new ones that will certainly mix up the action. As pictured above, these include the nimble warrior Kid Cobra, who's looking to up his "view count" with online streams as he combats opponents; Orange, a beautiful femme fatale that uses her hair to get the job done; and the Clockwork Cops, Byte & Barq.

Each character has specialized attacks that can be used over the course of a match-up, and it's great to see there's actually a pair of characters that work as a team, with Barq serving as a distraction in battle while Byte gets the job done. They can also combine forces together to take down enemies if need be, creating a powerful combo attack.

Kid Cobra has a number of great attacks that he can use, including a triple rocket fire attack that you can combo with other punches to stop opponents in their tracks.

As for Twintelle, aside from her killer hair, she can use signature arms like a Chilla, which can freeze opponents in their tracks; a Parasol that can block incoming attacks; and the Thunderbird, which can hit enemies pretty hard.

In addition to these new combatants, Nintendo also revealed a number of modes that will be featured in the game. There's the traditional Fight, where one-on-one battles take place; Team Fight; where teams can work together 2-on-2 to try and team up on enemies; V-Ball, a variation of a volleyball contest that involves an explosive ball that detonates once it hits the ground; Hoops, which turns the rules of basketball on its head as you try to get the ball in the basket; 1-On-100, which creates an ultimate challenge for your combatant; and Arms Test & Training, where you can test different arms before equipping them onto your fighter in battle. There are online modes as well, including the awesome Ranked Match!

We'll have more information on ARMS soon! In the meantime, enjoy the Nintendo Direct!

ARMS will release on June 16th for Nintendo Switch.