Asmongold Reveals Return Date to Twitch

Popular Twitch and YouTube star Asmongold has been taking a break from streaming in recent days to deal with an emergency within his family. When the emergency first came up, Asmongold informed his audience that he might have to deviate from his normal streaming schedule for a bit, but said he would keep them in the loop about his future streams. Fortunately, it sounds as though Asmongold's personal situation has gotten better as he has now announced when he'll be coming back to Twitch.

On Twitter this afternoon, Asmongold informed fans that his return date to Twitch will take place this Tuesday, September 28. As for what he plans to do in the stream, he said that he'll be playing Amazon's recent MMO, New World. "Will be back to streaming on Tuesday for New World release, Olympus server," Asmongold let fans know this afternoon on social media. Speaking more to the situation at hand that he had been attending to, Asmongold thanked his viewers for their kind words in recent days. "My mom is doing okay and I've missed you guys. Thanks for all the positive messages, I read a lot of them out to her and it improved her spirits quite a bit," he said.

Perhaps the sweetest moment in the midst of this entire announcement from Asmongold came from the official New World Twitter account. Although Asmongold's thoughts on the upcoming MMO have been a bit contentious in recent months, the team behind the game wished the streamer all the best as he continues to take care of his family. "Take care of yourself and your family, we're rooting for her speedy recovery," the New World team told Asmongold today. 


Are you going to watch Asmongold's return stream on Twitch for yourself? And are you someone that is also looking forward to the release of New World later this week? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12