Asmongold Says World of Warcraft Community Is "Trash" Compared to FFXIV Fans

Asmongold is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch right now, partially thanks to all of the drama surrounding the World of Warcraft community and the mass migration to Final Fantasy XIV, which has exploded in popularity. At the center of this has been Asmongold, a prominent World of Warcraft streamer for years who has moved on from the game in favor of Final Fantasy XIV. And in the process, Asmongold hasn't held back on his criticism of World of Warcraft and its community.

During a recent Twitch stream, Asmongold briefly talked about a clip from EsfandTV where they talk about how great the Final Fantasy XIV community is. To this end, Asmongold echoed this claim, and in the process, called the World of Warcraft community "trash."

"It's been an incredible adventure, and I've really enjoyed it a lot," he stated. "I saw a clip of Esfand talking about how the Final Fantasy community is a better community than the WoW community, in terms of like being supportive, etc... Let me tell you something. That is completely true. There has never been a truer true that has ever been trued. I'll be honest, the WoW community is, uh, it's trash. How do I know that? Because I was in it."

Of course, whether there's any truth to this statement is irrelevant and going to vary depending on who you ask. What it is though is a sweeping claim, but it has been echoed by a few streamers who have also recently jumped ship.

A big reason for the most recent exodus is the Blizzard lawsuit situation. Right now, the game still boasts a fairly healthy player base, but it's taken a big hit the past few weeks, and its future is certainly hazy, to say the least.


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