Assassin's Creed Origins Q&A Reveals New DLC Details

A new Assassin’s Creed Origins Q&A with Ubisoft reveals more information about the game’s new [...]


A new Assassin's Creed Origins Q&A with Ubisoft reveals more information about the game's new DLC before it releases later this month.

The Hidden Ones is the first DLC to come out for Origins, an expansion that'll extend the game's main story. It's set to take place several years after the end of the first game. Despite the time gap, players will still be controlling Bayek in The Hidden Ones and will retain all of their progress from the main gear including the abilities, crafting levels, and inventory accumulated in the main game.

However, The Hidden Ones won't be a separate narrative from the initial story. Instead, it'll continue the adventure in a new location.

"The Hidden Ones adds to the story of the main game," Ubisoft said. "This expansion takes place four years after the events of Assassin's Creed Origins in a new region of the world, the Sinaï.

"The Sinaï is a mountainous region with a strong Roman military presence. Players will witness the Roman occupation as they discover many well-guarded Roman military camps, harbors, and construction sites where Roman are taking apart Egyptian monuments. This steep region will offer many new opportunities for parkour and traversal gameplay, as well as challenging fights."

Like the Trials of the Gods where players could face off against powerful Egyptian gods in search of rare loot, The Hidden Ones will be accessible through an in-game quest once purchased. You could also just fast travel your way to Sinaï if you don't want to walk or ride and take in the beautiful sights Origins has to offer, and you'll be able to fast travel out of it whenever you choose. There's no level requirement for accessing the area, but Ubisoft did recommend players be around level 40 before trying the DLC.

The level cap itself is also being raised to 45 for those who have The Hidden Ones, a cap that'll be raised higher to 55 when the next DLC, The Curse of the Pharaohs, is released on March 6. Between the release dates of these two paid DLCs will be the release of the Discovery Tour mode, the no-combat, guided tour through Egypt where players can explore their surroundings on Feb. 20.