Assassin's Creed: Origins Player Actually Punches A War Elephant Into Submission

One of the things that makes Assassin’s Creed: Origins so engaging is the fact that players have [...]


One of the things that makes Assassin's Creed: Origins so engaging is the fact that players have more than one strategic option when it comes to defeating most of their enemies. There might be a direct technique for a quick and easy win, but for players who enjoy the less-taken roads, the choice remains. So, when YouTuber SPGamer decided to take on one of Origins' most daunting antagonists with nothing but the digital bare hands at their disposal, things got pretty interesting.

Rather late in SPGamer's playthrough of the game, they finally encountered one of the game's majestic war elephants, which -- in most cases -- is an enemy that's easier to avoid and escape than take head-on. In the following ten minute video, SPGamer does exactly as the title says: they punch the war elephant until it dies.

Decorated in layered armor, the massive war elephant does what most real life elephants do when challenged or threatened: it flails, stomps its feet and directly charges the player in an attempt to eliminate the threat. But, with nimble fingers and quick thinking, SPGamer manages to avoid getting crushed into a pulp over and over again. In the end, the elephant goes down, beaten to a pulp by nothing more than a pair of determined knuckles. It's almost hypnotizing to see the size difference, the detail, and the action all at once.

The war elephant appears in different areas throughout the map, and taking one down could equal out to a serious item haul for the player. While taking them on with your fists isn't always the most brilliant thing to do, other techniques like using your bow for long-range hits, and powering your Charge for a head-on (excuse the pun) attack that will leave the elephant reeling and ready for a walloping final take down.

Assassin's Creed: Origins is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.