Astral Chain Review Bombed For Being a Nintendo Switch Exclusive

PlatinumGames' Astral Chain officially arrived on the Nintendo Switch recently, finally putting an end to the wait for fans who were looking forward to the title. Of course, with the game being exclusive to the Switch, it is understandable that some might be a bit bummed that they will be missing out on the action due to them not owning the popular portable console. That said, it would appear that some people are so upset by the Switch exclusivity that they decided to take out their frustrations by review bombing the game on Metacritic.

As pointed out by GoNintendo, Metacritic users were taking to the Astral Chain page to give it a score of zero. The reason for the low score was simply because of the fact that the game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Of course, the act of review bombing a title has been rather common in recent years as a way for people on the Internet to show that they are angry about any number of things. While the reason is sometimes related to something a bit more serious, this time around, it's simply because some people can't play the game.

Once the zero scores began to rise, fans of the title began to fight back with their own score of 10. As of the time of this writing, the positives scores far outweigh the negative, so there must not be too many people upset by the Switch exclusivity. In any case, it might not be best to trust a review from someone who hasn't played the game. Speaking of reviews, you can check out a snippet from our official review below:

"Astral Chain is an ambitious game that gives players almost too many options. Whether you decide to stick to the captivating storyline or want to fill up your photo album with pictures of your Neuron co-workers or decide to clean up the streets of all that pesky Red Shift (that only you can see), you'll easily lose yourself in the beautiful world of the game. Astral Chain pushes the boundaries of what an action game can be, but it doesn't get so experimental that it loses sight of its goal -- which is to present an intriguing and layered story while giving players lots of horrifying monsters to kill."

Astral Chain is currently available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. For even more on the recently released title, check out some of our previous coverage.


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