Atari Celebrates The 45th Anniversary Of Pong With Special Goodies

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Competitive gaming has certainly come a long way over the past two decades or so, but there was a time when it was simply a matter of keeping a ball in play with a paddle – the good ol’ days of Pong.

The original Pong arcade game launched back on November 29th, 1972, introducing people to video games as we knew them, and beginning a legacy for Atari that would last several years to come.

And to celebrate the 45th (!) anniversary of the game, Atari has declared today to be “Pong Day”, and has also launched a new promotion within its Atari Life store where fans can get their hands on a limited edition collectible – an Atari Pong speakerhat!

The limited edition speakerhats, which retail for $129.99, can be found here. There are also models available that feature the Atari logo, as well as a limited edition Blade Runner 2049 model.

“Atari Speakerhats resonate with fans both new and old, and this new Pong design is something that people have been asking for,” said Atari Connect COO, Michael Arzt. “Atari’s social pages have been filled with love and accolades for the Speakerhats, and also with requests for designs based on our classic game franchises. We expect that unveiling the Pong Anniversary Limited-Edition Speakerhat on ‘Pong Day’ will make a lot of dedicated Atari fans and lovers of retro pop-culture very happy.”

In addition, the company reiterated that it will be producing a special product known as Table Pong, which recreates the classic game in a comfortable coffee table-style design. It’s set to release in early 2018, though a price point hasn’t been given yet on the table.

“Developed as a tribute to Generation X and its most iconic video game, Table Pong lets players experience the Atari Pong game on a whole new dimension that fuses the high-tech mechanical engineering of today with the beloved ‘80s game. The table easily transforms from a true-to-life mechanical game of Pong to a stylish living room accessory that features four USB charging ports, as well as a Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy your favorite music while you play,” the company noted.

Atari has also encouraged fans to check out Pong in a number of its other products, including the Atari Flashback plug-and-play systems, where the game is featured.

Congrats to Pong on celebrating the anniversary, and here’s to another 45 years!