Atari Speakerhats On Sale Just In Time For Black Friday

Atari has been pushing its “active lifestyle” wear for a little while now, including shirts [...]

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Atari has been pushing its "active lifestyle" wear for a little while now, including shirts and other items of the like. But there's no hotter item up for grabs right now than the Atari Speakerhat, a special hat that connects to your Bluetooth-enabled music device to let you blare tunes from the convenience of the speakers embedded into the hat rim.

The pricing of the hat has been a bit on the high side at $139, but there's some good news from Atari's camp – you can now get it for much cheaper in time for the holidays.

If you head over to the AtariLife website this week, you can pick up an official Atari Speakerhat for the sale price of $99.99. And better yet, you can get it with free shipping, so you're only paying for the hat and tax where applicable.

There are four different designs of the Speakerhat to choose from, including the limited edition Blade Runner 2049 edition, which features special Japanese writing with the game logo on the front and the Blade Runner logo on the back, as well as three Atari models – one with the black Atari logo, and black and blue colored hats with the traditional white Atari name.

The sale's only going on for a limited time, so don't miss out on these awesome Speakerhats! Get one for a friend, or a loved one, or yourself. (Or WWG editors, if you want.)