Ataribox Will Make Its Debut At GDC, Atari Flashback Classics Coming To Nintendo Switch

Atari has some busy times coming up, between its launch of its new Ataribox game console, along [...]


Atari has some busy times coming up, between its launch of its new Ataribox game console, along with some new games on the horizon, including RollerCoaster Tycoon for the Ninendo Switch and Tempest 4000.

But today, in a press statement, it laid down its plans for the next few months, and let's just say that fans of the company – and retro gaming in general – are going to have a lot to get excited over.

First off, the company confirmed that it would be out in full force during next week's Game Developers Conference, where it will not only debut its just announced Atari Flashback Classics 3 compilation, but also a first public look at the Ataribox in action.

These reveals, tied in with their other business ventures, will show just how much presence Atari is shooting for with this coming year. "We have made significant progress in each of our strategic businesses, and we continue to grow with a long-term vision, including with Ataribox or blockchains. These recent blockchain agreements demonstrate the strength of the Atari brand, which remains a key asset for positioning us in fast-growing technology sectors, " said Frederic Chesnais, Chief Executive Officer and Atari's largest shareholder. "As part of the GDC Conference, we will continue to explore opportunities in these areas and strengthen our partnerships. The Atari blockchain platform, online casino games using crypto-currencies are the very first stones of a unique construction, at the crossroads of Technology and Entertainment ".

On the game front, the company also confirmed that Tempest 4000 is still on the way, set for release this summer on PlayStation 4 and PC; and it also confirmed not only that RollerCoaster Tycoon was coming to the Nintendo Switch, but also Atari Flashback Classics, its 80s-themed retro package of games.

It didn't confirm as to whether we would see all the Atari games we saw in previous Flashback releases, but fans will be able to enjoy a number of favorites, including Tempest, Asteroids and Centipede, on the go or at home. A release date wasn't given, but they did note that Christmas 2018 was an ideal window. Maybe we'll see it sooner, like around summer.

But all eyes are on the Ataribox. The company has been talking about their secretive console for some time, and next week should give us a glimpse into what it's capable of, as well as what Atari has in mind for its business model.

Hopefully we'll get a release date out of it as well, as it did tease we would see its "schedule and modalities."

We'll keep you informed once we get new info straight from the event!

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