Bet on Battling Robots in Atlantic Robot League Game

WizKids has announced a brand new tabletop game where players bet on the results of massive mech battles. Earlier this week, WizKids announced Atlantic Robot League, a unique game that involves betting on the results of mech battles that span over multiple city blocks. At the start of the game, players make bets on the result of a battle involving five robot teams, choosing which team will have the most robots standing, which robots have the most KOs, or which team will be eliminated first. 

Once the bets are in, players then try to manipulate the course of the battle, moving robots around the battlefield and picking when robots attack. The key to the game is not only making sure that your bets are successful, but also to prevent your opponents from winning too much. Players can also attempt to change their bet mid-round by paying the fixer to ensure a bigger payoff. The battle continues until five robots remain, and then bets are revealed and paid out.

Atlantic Robot League was designed by Camden Clutter, a new game designer, with illustrations by Gabo. 

Other recently announced WizKids games include Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught, a skirmish game that features Dungeons & Dragons characters and monsters, and a new edition of Fantasy Realms. WizKids also releases a variety of different tabletop miniatures based on Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder characters.

Atlantic Robot Leagues will be released in September and has a retail price of $34.99.