Atlus Confirms Catherine: Full Body For PlayStation 4, PS Vita

Catherine Third

A few days ago, we reported the news that Atlus USA was looking into bringing back its PlayStation 3 cult classic Catherine for a new audience to enjoy – but we didn’t quite have confirmation. However, today is a different story, as we have it!

Atlus confirmed via a teaser website that Catherine is definitely happening, with a remaster/remake for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita under the name Catherine: Full Body. The game originally released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and has become an unquestionable hit since that time.

Other details about the port are seldom at this point, but the company has noted that it will be revealing more of the game on December 22nd, around 7:30 PM Japan time over on Nico Nico’s channel. During that time, we’re expecting to get a first look at gameplay, as well as new details on the port.

Studio Zero, which is being run by Katsura Hashino, is handling the conversion, and has noted, according to Famitsu, that it will be introducing a “third Catherine” to go along with the other characters in the story. While little is known about her, you can catch a glimpse of her in the screenshot above. She also supposedly has a much different personality than the other Catherines, which poses a new challenge for our hero.

The game doesn’t have a release date, but it’s expected to arrive sometime in 2018, alongside Atlus’ port of Dragon’s Crown Pro. The PlayStation 4 port should see its way to the U.S., but the PS Vita version may be up in the air, due to the handheld’s waning popularity. But, knowing Atlus, it could very well make the release happen.


As for other consoles, like Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, Atlus hasn't said anything -- but we're pretty sure fans want them.

We’ll provide more details as soon as we get them!