Attack on Titan 2: Koei Tecmo Shows Off Even More Action With New Dynamic Gameplay Videos


Koei Tecmo continues to show off why fans of the hit anime series Attack on Titan should be excited about the upcoming sequel starring our favourite Titan slayers.

The brand new videos show off favourites like Hanji, Eren, and Levi while also boasting a phenomenal multiplayer experience and dynamic gameplay mechanics involving that iconic Omni-Directional Mobility Gear (ODMG). According to a recent press release:

"Players will experience the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear (ODMG) as they fly into battle against devastating titanic foes, and mastering this equipment is key to ensuring victory and survival. A new b-roll showcases a Custom Scout utilizing the ODMG alongside Eren and Mikasa; fighting swarms of Titans to rescue their squad mates from peril. An exciting look at Titan transformations are also teased as Eren turns into his powerful Titan form to defeat anything that crosses his path.

Attack on Titan 2's online multiplayer features were detailed for the first time in our Multiplayer Highlight Trailer. In this video, players will be able to take a first-look at the Annihilation Mode; a gripping 4v4 mode where Scouts have to compete for the highest score through defeating Titans and capturing bases. In Story Co-op players can call upon their friends to aid them as they complete the main storyline’s gripping narrative. This is just the beginning as a captivating new online mode featuring playable Titans will be made available after launch; more information on this new mode will be made available in the coming weeks."

"Additionally, Koei Tecmo America revealed that fans who purchase Attack on Titan 2 from select retailers will receive a bonus pack of plain clothes costumes for Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Levi. The publisher released a fresh assets featuring a selection of in-game screens - focusing on Battle Action and Town Life gameplay, and three videos: A Multiplayer Highlight Trailer, Combat Trailer and a Custom Character Trailer."

To check out more about the custom characters:


The following two videos highlight the title's multiplayer components as well as an even closer look at Attack on Titan 2's combat:

Attack on Titan 2 will be going live for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC players on March 20th!