Attack On Titan And Samurai Warriors VR Games Announced

attack on titan vr

Koei Tecmo gave some exciting news today for fans of the Attack on Titan and Samurai Warriors franchises. During a presentation in Japan today, it was revealed that there would be two new VR titles available for Tecmo's VR Sense for both franchises. The VR Sense is a PlayStation VR-based arcade cabinet, and the two different models that will be available on December 21st will come equipped with several titles to their name.

The two versions are the Sparkling Silver and Sparking Blue cabinets:

  • Sparkling Silver
    • Super Sengoku Musou
    • Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense
    • GI Jockey Sense
  • Sparking Blue
    • Super Sengoku Coaster
    • 3 Majesty x X.I.P. Dream L ive
    • Horror Sense

No word yet for when the Attack on Titan or Samurai Warriors games are set to drop, though we hope with the upcoming release of these arcade cabinents will push the publishing process along faster. As far as the VR sense experience, it includes a multi-purpose 3D seat, a "fragrance" feature in order to make the experience more life-like, a wind feature for realism, and alternating heating/cooling systems for an immersive environment.

Though this particular experience is only set for Japan release, Kou Sibusawa, the general producer, has mentioned that he wants to take this brand world-wide. When that market leap is expected to happen is anyone's guess, but that is comforting to know that there is a general goal in mind! Though, we're not too sure what "fragrances" will accompany the Attack on Titan VR experience. We're thinking a lot of blood, sweat, and whatever the Colossal Titan smells like (uh ...).