Watch Attack on Titan's Voice Actresses Annihilate Attack on Titan 2's Story Mode

Don't underestimate an actress. Two recognizable voices from the Japanese cast of Attack of Titan decided to take on Koei Tecmo's new Attack on Titan 2 story mode, and they were, well, really impressive. Yui Ishikawa, who provides the voice of Mikasa Ackerman, and Marina Inoue, who voices Armin, sat down with one of the game's developers to take down titans, and they did just as great as Mikasa herself would while in control of the character. While it might have been a little more exciting to see the two take on the co-op Annihilation mode, they did pretty great on their initial run, taking out Titans with precision and ease as they talked about the game and the series. Check it out above.

Both Armin and Mikasa will be available to play, but the pair decided to settle with Mikasa, known for her natural gifts with marksmanship. Ahead of release, Koei Tecmo released the following details about the character:

"A rare descendant of Asian blood, when she was a child Eren saved her life when her parents were killed by thieves. Since then she has been inseparable from Eren and joined the 104th Cadet Corps with him, where her hidden talents flourished and she graduated top of their class.

Keeping Eren safe means everything to her as he is her final remaining family. Normally level-headed and composed even in critical situations, she has lost control of herself in situations where Eren is involved."


With only weeks to go until release, Koei Tecmo has been delivering even more information about the new game, which will mark the first debut of an Attack on Titan game for Nintendo Switch and includes platform-exclusive content. Up to 8 players can join in on the action in the game's various multi-player modes, and a new character customization feature is one of the biggest highlights, giving players the option to create their own unique avatars to use online, as well as earn accessories and upgrades for them by defeating various enemies.

Attack on Titan 2 is due out for release in North America and Europe on March 20th for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, and PC via Steam.