Banjo-Kazooie First 4 Figures Resin Statue Revealed and It's Amazing (and Expensive)

Last week, we reported that First 4 Figures is hard at work on a statue featuring the Rare heroes Banjo-Kazooie although it wasn't ready to reveal it at the time of its publication. But now that the weekend has passed, we've finally got a look at what we can pick up -- and more importantly, just how much it'll set us back.

Standing at 20 inches tall, the Banjo-Kazooie statue features the two flying, with Kazooie latching onto Banjo and helping him get around. You can also see a slight wind gust underneath the two, keeping the statue balanced. The trailer also provides a glimpse of just how much detail went into the duo.

Banjo Kazooie 2
(Photo: First 4 Figures)

It's a hefty statue as well, weighing in around 12 pounds and featuring a jigsaw puzzle piece base that resembles a Jiggy from the game. It also includes an authentication card so you know it's an official collaboration between First 4 Figures and Rare.

But if you really want to go all out, there's an exclusive version that features a gold chrome-plated jiggy base along with a gold-plated combination of jiggy and musical note. You can see the subtle differences between the two, though the figure design is still the same.

Banjo Kazooie 3
(Photo: First 4 Figures)

As a bonus, all pre-orders for the figure will include a free Sea of Thieves code that will unlock the Bear and Bird Figurehead content that was originally introduced a little while back. This is for either figure, so don't worry about if it's limited to one type.

Pre-orders are open here, but you'll need a pretty deep wallet. Both the regular and exclusive versions are set at a price of $429.99 and won't ship until later this year. So you'll need some money and patience.

But there is some good news. First 4 Figures is offering the chance to win one of the statues, with the rules available here. It's essentially a matter of joining the company's Official Collector's Club Facebook group; liking and commenting on this Facebook post; and filling out required fields here. It's a long shot but you could very well win a Banjo-Kazooie statue for yourself once the drawing takes place this December.

This is definitely a must-have for retro collectors so don't miss out!