New Batman Game Is Reportedly Not an Arkham Game

According to a new report, the new Batman game will not be an Arkham game. Before Warner Bros. [...]

According to a new report, the new Batman game will not be an Arkham game. Before Warner Bros. Montreal began even teasing its new Batman game, there's been conflicting rumors and reports about the newest newest game starring The Dark Knight. Last month, a report from a reputable industry insider and leaker surfaced, revealing alleged details on the game, including word that it's a reboot and an Arkham game. Now, the former point is where every report, leak, and rumor agree. In other words, it looks like the game is going to, at the very least, be a reboot. The question is, will it be a hard reboot or a soft reboot. Further, will it ditch the "Arkham" moniker all together? This is where there's variance between all the unofficial information floating around about the game.

That all said, some new possible evidence has emerged, seemingly putting to bed this point of contention. Interestingly, some developers over at Warner Bros. Montreal have a "new IP" listed on their resume, however, looking at the timelines, this appears to be the new Batman game. What's noteworthy here is if it's being billed as a new IP that suggests it will not be an Arkham game.

Of course, this is nothing more than speculation at this point. For what it's worth, I've heard some things about the game that have me convinced it's indeed a reboot, however, it's unclear if it's a soft or hard reboot. A hard reboot meaning that there will be no previous continuity. In other words, it will restart the entire universe. Meanwhile, a soft reboot is less of a restart and more of a reintroduction. That said, it looks like Warner Bros. wants to create a new DC Games Universe, which would almost certainly require a hard reboot.

Alas, at this point all we can do is speculate, but the current round of rumors are suggesting the game will hit this fall, which means we shouldn't have to settle for speculation much longer. As we wait for more information about the game, don't forget there's plenty of new games dropping this week you won't have to wait much longer for. You can check out all of these new releases, courtesy of our latest Out This Week.

H/T, James Sigfield.