Every Great Batman Game Is Bundled on Fanatical for $10, Includes DLC

Batman Arkham Origins

There's no question that WB Games has created an immense legacy with its Batman games over the past few years, between Rocksteady Games' main entries, WB Montreal's impressive Batman: Arkham Origins, and Armature's highly entertaining Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. But in case you missed out on any of them – or you just want to own all the classic games in one shot – Fanatical has you covered.

Fanatical has just launched a new sale that will give you almost every great Batman game for the low price of $9.99. Granted, Batman: Arkham Knight isn't included, though you can get that for a pretty good price as well. But the $10 bundle does come with quite a lot of Batarang-flinging joy.

Here's what the bundle includes, and it'll keep you busy for a while:

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition
  • Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition
  • Batman: Arkham Origins
  • Batman: Arkham Origins – Online Supply Drop 1 DLC
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass DLC
  • Batman: Arkham Origins – Online Supply Drop 2 DLC
  • Batman: Arkham Origins – Black Mask Challenge Pack DLC
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition

This bundle usually goes for over $100, so getting all of these games for about 1/10 of that price is really something. The sale will take place over the next three days, and once they're gone, they're gone.

The games are offered as redeemable Steam codes, and will be emailed to you immediately after purchase, so you can jump right into the action without having to wait.

As any die-hard comic book fan or appreciator of action games will tell you, both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are worth their weight in gold. But this bundle also gives you the opportunity to appreciate the Origins side story, as well as its respective DLC. Plus, Blackgate is a fun off-shoot for the series, a side-scrolling adventure filled with beautiful visuals and fun gameplay.


You've got some time to pick up this great deal, so head on over and stock up on all the Batman fun. We'll see you in Gotham!

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