'Batman' Genesis Custom Console Makes Us Want To Play Old-School Dark Knight Games

We've seen some great custom-designed consoles over the past few months, including this Dreamcast-inspired Nintendo Switch design that we want feverishly on our desk. But we're not afraid to get into some old-school goodness as well, especially when it involves...Batman!

A Twitter user by the name of Colonel Falcon recently shared a design that features the Dark Knight featured on a hand-made design of a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive system. As you can see from his tweet below, these images are pretty damn awesome.

Though the console design just features the control deck itself (and not, say, a Genesis controller that resembles a Batarang, which would be an awesome idea), it's really well done, featuring the Dark Knight on the left side of the system along with a number of bats that appear around him. And it's in beautiful black and white too, with a savagely painted logo on the bottom. Oh, and we shouldn't deny the copy of Batman Returns for Sega Genesis that complements the package.

Alas, we're unable to give proper credit where credit is due when it comes to the design of the system, as the "maker" is "unknown," according to Falcon. But whoever it is, we certainly salute them, mainly because we haven't seen a Genesis system this cool since, well, the Genesis 2 redesign that came out in the mid-90's.

No one's really offering this for sale, but if anyone has more info, let us know. Not only can we spread the word about who's offering such a design, but we can also get one for the office and engage in some enemy butt-whooping in such classics as Sunsoft's Batman, The Adventures of Batman and Robin and, of course, The Revenge of Shinobi, just because it has Batman as a "surprise" boss at one point in the game.


And fans really like the design, too, as you can see from the tweets below!

Now we need to watch the 1989 Batman movie again...