Batman Voice Actor Kevin Conroy Won't Be in the New Game

Kevin Conroy will not be starring as Batman in the upcoming Batman game from Warner Bros. Montreal. The confirmation comes way of Conroy himself, who reveled he will not be reprising the role while speaking with JOE. Conroy suggests that he's open to the role, but, well, he never got the call from Warner Bros. Montreal, who appear to have gone with Roger Craig Smith for the role, something the actor teased earlier this year.

"I'm not," said Conroy when asked if he was returning for the upcoming Batman game. When the interviewer expressed disappointment in this news, Conroy added, "I know. I don't know why." Again, it appears Conroy would have been down to once again voice Batman, but alas, it wasn't in the cards.

"I'm not a gamer, but I have been guided through playing the game, by the Rocksteady [makers of the Batman: Arkham series] people, and boy, it is spectacular. I can see why people are so addicted to them. The feeling of flying through Arkham with Batman is just incredible."

Of course, if Rocksteady was making the game, there's a good chance Conroy would have reprised his role. After all, the developer used the talent in all three of their Batman: Arkham games. However, as you may recall, for Batman: Arkham Origins, the one game in the series Warner Bros. Montreal developed, Roger Craig Smith was used as the voice of Batman, and it seems like that is what's happening once again. Smith hasn't confirmed he's working on the new game, but it's been teased on multiple occasions via Twitter banter involving developers on the project.

As you may know, Warner Bros. Montreal started teasing its new Batman game late last month, suggesting it was gearing up for an imminent reveal. However, that reveal still hasn't happened. That said, you'd assume this will change soon.

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