Batman Tabletop RPG Coming Soon

A Batman tabletop roleplaying game will be launched on Kickstarter in the coming months. As part of Batman Day, an annual celebration of the Dark Knight and his supporting cast, Monolith Games released a sneak peak of its Batman Gotham City Chronicles: The Role-Playing Game. This is a spinoff of Monolith's popular tabletop miniatures game of the same name. According to a social media post released in conjunction with the sneak peak, players will be able to either play as classic DC characters or as self-created characters. Players can choose to play as a non-superhero like Gordon, Bullock, or Montoya, play as a non-powered superhero like Nightwing, Huntress, or the Riddler, or even be a meta-human like Black Canary, Killer Croc, Poison, Ivy, or Clayface. Notably, it appears that Batman Gotham City Chronicles: The Role-Playing Game will allow players to be either heroes or villains.

Monolith Games also confirmed that they would publish multiple books to support Batman Gotham City Chronicles: The Role-Playing Game. Heroes of Gotham acts as a core rulebook, with everything needed to bring the game's characters and scenarios to life. The Gotham Chronicles contain a dozen scenarios to use in adventures. The Gotham Guide will act as a sourcebook of sorts containing everything a player needs to know about Gotham. 

Monolith noted that after they had received approval from Warner Bros, they would plan on launching the Kickstarter campaign for the new tabletop roleplaying game. No specific timeline was given, but Monolith noted that they were looking at "a few months at most." You can check out the preview images below:

(Photo: Monolith Games)
(Photo: Monolith Games)
(Photo: Monolith Games)
(Photo: Monolith Games)

Monolith also confirmed that it was still actively working on Season 3 of Batman Gotham City Chronicles, its expansive miniatures tabletop board game. Season 2 of the game raised over $1.5 million on Kickstarter and was sent out to backers last year. Monolith expects the Kickstarter for Season 3 of Batman Gotham City Chronicles to also launch "in the coming months."  Season 3 will use a branching campaign mode complete with a "secret boss" whose miniature will be tucked away in a mystery box.