Batman: The Enemy Within May Get a Surprise Release On Nintendo Switch


Telltale Games may not have released a huge string of NIntendo Switch games thus far, but that could be picking up. And quickly.
Earlier this year, we reported on the news that Batman: The Enemy Within had been rated for the console by a German board, indicating that Telltale Games would be making an announcement about it. However, it hasn't said a word. But that could change this week with San Diego Comic-Con right around the corner.

An ESRB rating for The Enemy Within on Nintendo Switch just showed up, with the game receiving an M for mature rating. That means it could be seeing a release any day now -- and it wouldn't be beyond Telltale Games to surprise us with an announcement at San Diego Comic-Con that the game is available that day for download.

As for why the game attained a Mature rating, well, players that got into previous versions of Enemy Within can easily tell you. But here's the official description of the game straight from the ESRB page:

"his is an action game, based on the Batman universe, in which players assume the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman as he battles villains in Gotham City. Players engage in various action sequences that require timed button presses to successfully punch, kick, and incapacitate enemy thugs/villains; blood is frequently shown as characters are injured. Cutscenes also depict acts of violence: characters killed by machinery while inside a chamber; fingers cut off by saw blades; a man's throat slit with a bladed hook; a character's stomach cut open to remove a device. The word "sh*t" appears in the dialogue."

There have been rumors that Telltale was also bringing other episodic games to the Switch in due time, including The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which debuts on other consoles next month; along with Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and other possible releases. Minecraft: Story Mode came out last year and got a pretty solid reception, so it's simply a matter of time.

We'll let you know once Telltale Games officially confirms the game's release for Switch. We can't wait!

Batman: The Enemy Within is currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


(Hat tip to NintendoLife for the scoop!)